Ice Gel Pillow
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Ice Gel Pillow

Soft Medium Comfort

This soft and comfortable memory foam pillow offers good support for your cervical region. You will love its feeling of freshness thanks to its foam-memory gel as well as the ventilation holes, which allow a quality sleep.

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Dimensions: 16,5 x 28,5 x 4,75 po

Refreshing gel foam, up to 3000 times cooler than conventional memory foam

Ventilation cells, facilitating circulation and removing heat and moisture

“Cool and cozy” removable cover made of heat-conducting fibres, providing freshness and well-being

Care instructions:

  • When needed, aerate pillow (in the sun or in the cold) for a few hours.
  • Machine washable “Cool and cozy” pillow cover on low heat and machine air dry only.