Clientele Served

Need to furnish an establishment of a few rooms? Or are you searching for mattresses to equip an entire hotel development? Our Houde Corporate Division caters to all types of businesses or institutions.

  • Public Administration

    • Detention Cells
    • Fire Stations
  • Education

    • Student Residences (CEGEP, private schools and colleges, universities)
    • Early Childcare Facilities
    • Daycares
  • Healthcare and Social Assistance

    • Hospitals
    • Readaptation Centers
    • Rehabilitation Centers
    • Youth Centers
    • Retirement Homes
    • Victim Help Centers
  • Tourism

    • Cottages & B&Bs
    • Inns
    • Hostels
    • Hotels
    • Motels
    • Eco-Cottages
    • Campgrounds (ready to camps, cottages, trailers, yurts)
    • Summer Camps
    • Rental Chalets and Cottages
    • Resorts
    • Healing Centers
    • Mountain Shelters
  • Transport and Construction

    • Semi-Trailer Cabins
    • Construction Dormitories

Complementary Products

Our complementary products enhance the comfort of our mattresses: take the time to discuss with our comfort advisors to explore all the possibilities that can meet your needs.

  • A wide selection of bedding (sheets, blankets, comforters, duvet covers)
  • Anti-bedbug mattress covers and envelopes
  • Pillows and pillow covers
  • Melamine beds, platforms, and furniture

The Advantages of Choosing Matelas Houde as Your Dream Maker

Houde Quality Mattress


As manufacturers, we have control over the choice of materials and are always on the lookout for innovations. For example, we offer optional water-resistant and freeze-resistant mattress covers, highly appreciated by our tourist clientele. Since there is no middleman, you get a higher quality and more durable mattress at an affordable price.

Exceptional Service by Houde

Exceptional Service

The quality of our service includes specialized on-site advice, an assessment of the condition of your current mattresses or box springs, delivery, unpacking, installation, and the removal of outdated products and packaging. During delivery, we are very conscious of leaving no trace, all while respecting your establishment.

Tailored Products by Houde


At Matelas Houde, we are dedicated to meeting your needs. Manufacturing our own mattresses allows us to offer "tailored" products or to develop new products based on your needs. Our offerings also include a wide range of custom-tailored bedding.

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