Matelas Houde Sleep Insurance

Sleep Insurance 120-Night Trial

Because a mattress is an important purchase, we offer a 120-Night Sleep Trial. If you are not completely satisfied with the comfort of your mattress, we will exchange it at no extra cost within 120 nights of delivery. *The bed cover must be bought in the shop when buying the mattress.

  • Following the delivery of my mattress, do I need to rush to let you know of any comfort issues I’m experiencing?

    Our 120-Night Sleep Trial is longer than that of our competitors for a reason. You will have all the time you need to test your new mattress at your own pace.

  • If I want to take advantage of the 120-Night Sleep Trial and change my mattress model, do I need to bring it in and exchange it myself?

    No, our team will pick up your mattress at your home and deliver the new one you have selected, in addition to unpacking and installing it!

  • What does the Long-Lasting Comfort Warranty cover?

    Our warranty covers damage related to the manufacture of the mattress and its raw materials (stitching, fabric, pocket coils) and early signs of wear (distortion, uneven sleeping surface). If you suspect a problem with your mattress, call us and an expert will come to your home to make a diagnosis free of charge.

Matelas Houde Long-Lasting Comfort Warranty

Long-Lasting Comfort Warranty

All of our mattresses are covered by our exclusive Long-Lasting Comfort Warranty. It’s the most comprehensive warranty on the market, covering damage and normal wear and tear. Depending on the model, we offer 10- and even 20-year coverage!

Matelas Houde Shipping, Installation, and After-Sales Service

Delivery, Unpacking, and Installation

At Matelas Houde, we’re proud to offer our renowned after-sales service. Having our own fleet of trucks and drivers allows us to provide our customers with truly superior-quality support. Upon delivery, which we offer free of charge anywhere in Eastern Townships, our staff unpack and install any purchased products. We also make sure to take back your used mattresses and box springs, as well as the packaging used, to have them recycled at our green partners. All you have to do is sit back and relax!

  • I bought a bed frame with my new mattress. Do I need to provide the tools to assemble it?

    No, our staff will assemble your bed frame and install your mattress with our own toolbox – all of our delivery trucks come with one.

  • How can I be sure I’m paying the best price for a mattress?

    By eliminating the middleman, we’re able to invest more than leading brands in the quality of materials that we use to make your mattress. That means you get a mattress that will stay comfortable for longer for the same price!

Matelas Houde Manufacturer Advantage

Why Buy from the Manufacturer?

By buying a Houde mattress, you’re sure to spend your nights comfortably on a superior quality mattress at the best price on the market. Why? Simply because by buying directly from the manufacturer, you eliminate the middleman.