Memory foam Pillow
Garantie confort durable Matelas Houde

Warranty 3 years

Matelas fabriqué au Québec

Made in Quebec

Financement disponible

Financing Available

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Memory foam Pillow

Adjustable comfort

You like memory foam but can never find the perfect pillow? Problem solved with this adjustable down and shredded memory foam pillow! Using its zipper, add or remove memory foam for a perfectly tailored comfort. Note, this pillow is perfect for sensitive individuals as it is hypoallergenic.

Regular price $150.00

Unique construction with 3 compartments: protective cover, white down encasing and adjustable memory foam encasing Hypoallergenic 400 thread count removable protective cover

Care instructions:

  • When needed, aerate pillow (in the sun or in the cold) for a few hours.
  • Machine washable TENCEL® pillow cover on low heat and machine air dry only.