Houdy Infinity Mattress

Waranty 10 years

Insurance 120 nights

Made in Quebec

Financing available

Houdy Infinity Mattress

Our Houdy line of boxed mattresses offers three comfort options. Our Houdy line of boxed mattresses offers three comfort options. Meet Infinity, the mattress designed and built for those who want to wrap themselves in endless comfort! Soft as a cloud!

Regular price $999.00

Available firmness levels

Components: 7-inch DuraFlex foam base with a 3 inch ComfortFlex “egg crate” pillow top.

The mattresses's cover fabrics are for reference only. They may vary depending on the supplies available.


Not your ordinary boxed mattress! Wrap yourself in the soft embrace of Infinity, the mattress that also provides perfect ergonomic support thanks to its high-density DuraFlex foam base. The ComfortFlex “egg crate” pillow top makes this the boxed mattress that will truly satisfy sleepers who crave plush comfort. Tested for years as part of our regular line, now available in our Houdy collection of boxed mattresses!

Sleep insurance 120 nights nights

Because a mattress is a major purchase, you can benefit from our 120 nights Night Sleep Insurance. If you are not completely satisfied with the comfort of your mattress, we will exchange it at no additional cost within 120 nights of delivery.

Made here in Estrie

Purchasing a Houde mattress means purchasing a superior quality product from us. Our long tradition of innovation and service has lasted 87 years. At Houde mattresses, you are sure to find the comfort of your dreams!

Quality, without compromise

At Matelas Houde, you buy directly from the manufacturer. By eliminating intermediaries, we can invest more than the big brands in the quality of the materials that make up our mattresses. For a comparable budget, you get a higher quality mattress that will last longer!

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