Le Mirage Mattress

Warranty 10 years

Insurance 120 nigths

Made in Quebec

Financing Available

Le Mirage Mattress

A top of the line mattress of high density DuraFlex foam at an affordable price? It’s a mirage but that’s also very real! Exclusively at Matelas Houde.

Regular price $900.00
Regular price $1,200.00 Sale price $900.00

Available firmness levels

Components: DuraFlex high density soy foam. Semi-firm compression.

The mattresses's cover fabrics are for reference only. They may vary depending on the supplies available.


Le Mirage is well known by young couples and students. It provides excellent comfort all while offering a high density soy foam, named DuraFlex. Reversible, light and easy to move, it is also ideal for recreational vehicles and it does better than its competitors at a similar price. It’s not a mirage, this really is a lot of the line mattress at an affordable price.

120 nigths Sleep trial

Because a mattress is an important purchase, we offer a 120-Night Sleep Trial. If you are not completely satisfied with the comfort of your mattress, we will exchange it at no extra cost within 120 nights of delivery.

Made right here in Eastern Townships

When you buy a Houde mattress, you’re buying a locally made superior quality product. Our 87-year history of innovation and service speaks for itself. At Matelas Houde, you’re sure to find the comfort of your dreams!

Quality Without Compromise

At Matelas Houde, you’re buying directly from the manufacturer. By eliminating the middleman, we’re able to invest more than leading brands in the quality of our mattress materials. That means you get a higher quality and longer-lasting mattress for the same price!

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